Multiclean LVT

Highly Flexible Partition System for all Clean Room Applications

Multiclean LVT
Multiclean LVT
Multiclean LVT

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Healthcare: Clean Rooms, Clinics and Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies (Production)
Industry: Clean Rooms, Laboratories and Research Facilities
Education: Research Rooms


Design: Digital Print, Glass, Laminate, Powder Coating, Stainless Steel, Steel
Hygiene: Antibacterially disinfectable, Cleanable by vacuuming, Virucide disinfectable, Wipeable
Acoustics: Airborne Sound Reduction
Corrosion Protection: Interiors
Fire Protection: Fire Resistance
Safety Technology: Radiation Protection
Statics: Impact Loads

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Product description

The clean room partition system Multiclean LVT is the definitive Lindner-standard. Approved for a thousand times and time-tested since more than two decades, this wall system is still the state of the art. Extremely flexible, durable, versatile and economic. A large range of accessories and additional parts makes this the one to beat 'em all.

  • highest flexibility  
  • GMP-compliant  
  • invisible media supply  
  • variable hollow space  
  • numerous designs available  
  • proven thousands of times