T30-2 Type L - 49 mm

Fire Protection Door

T30-2 Type L - 49 mm
T30-2 Type L - 49 mm

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Recreation and Culture: Cinemas and Theatres, Concert Halls, Gymnasiums, Museums, Places of Assembly, Shopping Centres, Stadiums
Workplace: Assembly Rooms, Stage and Studio Rooms, Data Centres, Facilities for Meetings, Conventions and Conferences, Utility Rooms, Broadcasting Rooms, Television Studios, Common Rooms, Offices
Healthcare: Clean Rooms, Clinics and Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies (Production)
Industry: Production Facilities, Clean Rooms, Laboratories and Research Facilities
Education: Library Rooms, Research Rooms, Teaching, Class and Educational Rooms
Public Areas: Entrance Areas, Escape Routes
Transport: Train Stations, Train Stations
Hotels and Gastronomy: Restaurants and Canteens, Hotels and Resorts
Public Institutions


Design: Laminate, Varnish, Wood
Fire Protection: Fire Resistance, Smoke Protection
Sustainability: Environmental Product Declaration
Acoustics: Airborne Sound Reduction

Technical Data


Fire Protection

Wet Areas



Smoke Protection

Safety Protection

Additional Equipment



Product description

Door leaf, 49 mm with special laminated intermediate layer and strengtheners of oriented strand board, double door leaf with fire protection (Smoke control, sound insulation, radiation protection, moisture resistance on demand)