Heated and Chilled Plasterboard Ceilings

From one source.

Heated/Chilled plasterboard ceilings provide for best comfort and a healthy indoor climate due to heating and cooling by means of radiation. By selecting your choice of plasterboard, you determine the visual effect and thermal conductivity of your plasterboard ceiling. The closed, jointless surface can be designed in plain or perforated version or with acoustic coating. All single components of our plasterboard ceilings are tested as complete system.

  • heating/cooling by means of radiation creates a pleasant room climate
  • jointless surface can be freely designed in plain or perforated version
  • all single components are tested as complete system


Hydraulic Components

Lindner offers a multitude of hydraulic components and accessories for the perfect connection of  Plafotherm® heated and chilled ceilings.


Perfectly integrated Lindner lighting solutions are available.

Acoustic Inlays

Equipped with acoustic inlays like mineral wool, these systems contribute significantly to sound protection.