Lindner Plus Blinds

Integrated Sun and Privacy Protection

Lindner Plus Blinds
Lindner Plus Blinds
Lindner Plus Blinds
Lindner Plus Blinds

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Workplace: Facilities for Meetings, Conventions and Conferences, Offices, Assembly Rooms, Broadcasting Rooms, Television Studios, Common Rooms, Stage and Studio Rooms
Recreation and Culture: Banks, Places of Assembly, Cinemas and Theatres, Concert Halls, Museums, Shopping Centres
Education: School, Research Rooms, Library Rooms, School of Higher Education
Healthcare: Clinics and Hospitals, Laboratories, Operating Theatres, Pharmacies (Production), Clean Rooms
Industry: Clean Rooms, Laboratories and Research Facilities
Transport: Airports, Train Stations
Hotels and Gastronomy: Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants and Canteens
Public Areas: Entrance Areas
Public Institutions: Court Houses, Government Buildings


Design: Aluminium, Digital Print, Perforation, Powder Coating, Stainless Steel, Varnish, Wood
Hygiene: Cleanable by vacuuming, Wipeable
Climatic Regulation: Sun Protection
Corrosion Protection: Interiors

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Product description

Our integral Blinds are both in glass partitions and glass doors feasible and therefore have a wide range of applications: They are often used in office buildings as well as in schools and hotels. Thereby our electrically or manually operated blinds ensure even in modern, transparent floor plans an isolated working environment, if it is needed. The modifiable sun protection and privacy screen is also available in different drives and directions, whereby it applies to almost any demand. 

The Lindner Plus blinds thus prove that discretion and transparency do not have to be opposites: By our integrated blinds, all customer wishes can be taken into account – high-quality design and simple operation included.

  • manual or electric drive
  • different running directions possible
  • various combination options

Pure Individuality

Whether colour, perforation, running direction or control – we offer you free choice in design and equipment of your blinds.

Clean and Hygienic

Do without dust and dirt: By integrating blinds in the space between the panes of our double glazing, maximum discretion is achieved without any cleaning effort.

Easy Mounted

The maintenance-free Lindner Plus blinds can also be retrofitted into existing systems.