Lindner Plus Ventilation Panels

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Lindner Plus Ventilation Panels
Lindner Plus Ventilation Panels
Lindner Plus Ventilation Panels
Lindner Plus Ventilation Panels

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Workplace: Assembly Rooms, Common Rooms, Data Centres, Facilities for Meetings, Conventions and Conferences, Offices, Utility Rooms, Broadcasting Rooms, Television Studios, Stage and Studio Rooms
Recreation and Culture: Places of Assembly, Banks, Cinemas and Theatres, Concert Halls, Museums, Shopping Centres
Education: School of Higher Education, Research Rooms, School, Library Rooms
Transport: Airports, Train Stations
Healthcare: Clinics and Hospitals, Laboratories
Hotels and Gastronomy: Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants and Canteens
Public Areas: Entrance Areas
Public Institutions: Court Houses, Government Buildings
Industry: Laboratories and Research Facilities


Climatic Regulation: Air Permeability, Ventilation
Corrosion Protection: Interiors
Sustainability: Environmental Product Declaration
Fire Protection: Fire Behaviour / Building Material Class

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Product description

Healthy indoor climate? An essential component concerning innovative and productive working. As the air flows through the element in the inside of the wall and emits in the adjacent room, Lindner Plus Ventilation Panels ensure a pleasant air change. This technically high-quality solution by Lindner combines an appealing look with a maximum of functionality: the only 8 mm slender air inlet is integrated in the system joints of the wall panels, whereby it seems completely covert. Even the combination with all Lindner Partition Systems including doors, such as Lindner Life as guarantor for transparency, is almost abundantly possible.

Lindner Plus Ventilation Panels promise sound insulation and a healthy indoor climate - and they are able to keep the promise.

Optimal conditions

Optimal climatic situation through control air exchange for a pleasant working atmosphere.

Perfectly hidden

Optically attractive through nearly seemless integration in the gaps of our sytems and joints.

Tansparent integration

Combination with Lindner Life systems through integration in our switch panel.