Revision Door - Inspection Hatch M

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Recreation and Culture: Banks, Cinemas and Theatres, Concert Halls, Gymnasiums, Museums, Places of Assembly, Public Swimming Pools, Sales Areas, Shopping Centres, Stadiums
Healthcare: Clean Rooms, Clinics and Hospitals, Laboratories, Operating Theatres, Pharmacies (Production)
Education: Library Rooms, Research Rooms, School, School of Higher Education
Hotels and Gastronomy: Commercial Kitchens, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants and Canteens
Industry: Laboratories and Research Facilities, Production Facilities
Public Areas: Entrance Areas, Escape Routes
Public Institutions: Court Houses, Government Buildings
Transport: Airports, Train Stations


Design: Aluminium, Bespoke Plaster, Digital Print, Elastic, Fabric, Gypsum, Laminate, Perforation, Powder Coating, Stone, Wood
Corrosion Protection: Interiors

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Safety Protection

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Product description

The high-quality revision door Inspection Hatch M with aluminium frames for wall claddings conceals what should remain invisible but easily accessible: control panels, installations and fire extinguishing equipment. The revision door is ideal for shipbuilding, being lockable and adjustable with a slim design.

  • individual surfaces
  • available in various sizes
  • different closing devices
  • lockable
  • availabla as construction set or prefrabricated