Lindner Life 137

Glass Partition with flush-mounted bonded glazing

Lindner Life 137
Lindner Life 137
Lindner Life 137
Lindner Life 137
Lindner Life 137
Lindner Life 137

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Workplace: Broadcasting Rooms, Television Studios, Facilities for Meetings, Conventions and Conferences, Offices, Stage and Studio Rooms, Assembly Rooms, Common Rooms
Recreation and Culture: Stadiums, Museums, Places of Assembly, Cinemas and Theatres, Concert Halls, Shopping Centres
Education: Research Rooms, Teaching, Class and Educational Rooms, Library Rooms
Healthcare: Clean Rooms, Clinics and Hospitals, Laboratories, Operating Theatres, Pharmacies (Production)
Public Areas: Entrance Areas, Escape Routes
Transport: Airports, Train Stations
Hotels and Gastronomy: Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants and Canteens
Industry: Clean Rooms, Laboratories and Research Facilities
Public Institutions


Design: Aluminium, Digital Print, Glass, Powder Coating, Varnish
Safety Technology: Explosion Protection, Fall Prevention, Intruder Protection, Radiation Protection
Statics: Impact Loads, Seismic Safety, Structural Stability
Acoustics: Airborne Sound Reduction, Longitudinal Sound Reduction
Fire Protection: Fire Resistance, Fire Behaviour / Building Material Class
Corrosion Protection: Interiors
Sustainability: Environmental Product Declaration

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Fire Protection

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Product description

The Lindner Life 137 reconciles elegance and strength harmoniously. With its flash-mountly adhered glazing, it features the candour and expanse of the rooms. The unique Structural-Glazing-Technology does not require any edge printing and guarantees highest reliability and durability. Moreover exists the possibility of a “bomb-proof” execution, which allows the Lindner Life 137 to become a “first choice product” for buildings with a very high safety standard.

  • transparent effect provided by free-standing, flush-mounted glazing
  • structural-Sealant-Glazing in three different colours
  • high sound insulation values

Open and closed

Integration of blinds between the panes - for discretion whenever it is needed.

Optical highlight

Individual design options through veneering and colour design of the profiles.