Grand Opening in Hamburg – the inauguration of the Elbphilharmonie

After the celebratory opening concert on the 11th of January 2017, not only music lovers will discover new worlds of sound: The viewing platform Plaza gives the public an impressive view of Hamburg. Lindner Group has been one of the fit-out companies for the public parts.

Even though only a few has been granted access into the new concert halls, the more people have been looking forward to the 360° open-to-the-public panorama from the eight floor since the beginning of November. The so-called Plaza functions both as the junction between the old harbour warehouse and the modern glass structure, as well as a social meeting point: sightseers, guests from the hotel in the upper part of the Elbphilharmonie, architecture fans or dressed-up audience. Leaving the Plaza, the foyers of the grand hall and the recital hall can be reached. The laid-back elegant design offers even a small stage for visitor’s performances.

The overall architectural concept was also integrated in the public spaces, in the large staircase foyer, in many lounges as well as in the offices, backstage and in the sanitary facilities by Lindner in close collaboration with the general contractor HOCHTIEF: premium materials and surfaces, adapting the architects’ and the building contractors’ high quality requirements. With this in mind, the Lindner Group developed and installed with attention to detail customised solutions and products, which have been precisely planned – mostly in 3D – beforehand.

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