Lindner introduces Hybrid Ventilation Components at the ISH

The innovative ventilation component Plafotherm® AirHybrid was specificly developed for Lindner Plafotherm® Heated and Chilled Ceiling Systems and introduced at the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt. Canopy ceilings and closed metal ceiling systems can be further improved with Plafotherm® AirHybrid, creating ventilated ceilings.

The challenge of combining comfort and performance in a heated and chilled system is met by Lindner through the thermoactive hybrid cooling Plafotherm® AirHybrid. As a result, effective cooling is guaranteed even during peak loads and in areas with elevated heat input. The outgoing air is continually leaded out of the room through the ceiling perforation. The ventilation unit is mounted on the rear of the ceiling panel, thus invisible from below. Through the perforated ceiling panels, the well-tempered air flow is distributed evenly below and above the ceiling while avoiding drafts. The ceilings panels themselves can be removed without the need for any tools, thus facilitating maintenance works – the ventilation component is also removable, enabling it to be cleaned according to VDI 6022.

For more information view the data sheets:

» Plafotherm® AirHybrid
» Plafotherm® DS AirHybrid

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