Made for each other - Lindner FLOOR and more® and ARDEX PANDOMO®

A complete system without compromises: the FLOOR and more® dry hollow system in combination with PANDOMO®‘s floor design systems impresses with innumerable possible applications for new and industrial old buildings.

The Lindner Group is the leading specialists when it comes to flooring systems with innovative product solutions, flexible enough to adapt to unbeatable load-bearing strength and longevity. The floor design systems by ARDEX’ PANDOMO® stand also for high-class and durable surfaces, which can be adapted perfectly to the client’s individual requirements and wishes.

FLOOR and more® builds the best possible conditions. The substructure is an important component of every system floor. The pedestals create the cavity needed to accommodate the services. Lindner metal pedestals can be adjusted to almost any height, therefore compensating for any unevenness in the subfloor. The fibre-reinforced calcium sulphate panels with tongue and grooved edges are easy to lay and ensure high load-bearing capacity even after only one day. Moreover, the emission-free floor panels offer a high level of fire and sound proofing. For special purposes, our product line consists of many more: FLOOR and more® hydro for areas with increased humidity and FLOOR and more® power, which shoulders the weight of heavy-duty situations.

The floor covering compound PANDOMO® and Lindner’s hollow floors not only build a common system in regards of functionality, loading capacity, stability and walking comfort. But also the design options leave no wish unfulfilled. The two systems combine to form a durable and stable bond in a modern and joint-free look. ARDEX’ premium brand PANDOMO is also divided into sub-brands: PANDOMO® Loft as the creative, thin-layer floor covering compound and PANDOMO® Floor as the design levelling compound, ideally for resilient areas.

Project: Kleist Museum, Frankfurt (Oder)
Installer: die bodenmanufaktur GmbH, Lützen
Products: Lindner FLOOR and more® power, PANDOMO® Floor, PANDOMO® Loft

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