New Construction BASF D105

The new office and conference building D105 of the BASF SE extends the chemical company´s capacities at the headquarters in Ludwigshafen. About 1.300 employees now enjoy modern working environments on seven storeys. A particular visual treat is the LMD-L LAOLA-Shine with LED lighting in the restaurant area.

The Lindner Group was the general contractor responsible for the fit-out of the multi-functional office building with conference halls for up to 500 people and a net floor area of 38.000 m². The architects of HPP, Düsseldorf, emphasized a mix of high-quality interior fittings, function and sustainability. As a result, the building complex aims for a DGNB Platinum certification, following a Gold pre-certification.

Lindner produced a custom wavelike Baffle Ceiling system with integrated LED illumination technology for the restaurant area. Each of its 2194 baffles is unique, featuring different baffle radii and heights. Light strips are flushly integrated in the ceilings and adjustied to the individual lenghts of the baffles. Each baffle can be moved and removed without tools. The conference area also saw the fitting of baffle ceilings in a variation with straight baffles that have been perforated and partially fitted with integrated heating and cooling technology. Apart from the LMD and Plafotherm® ceiling systems, a custom longitudinally sound-reduced post-cap ceiling with hidden post-cap has been developed specifically for this project. It allows subsequent fitting of partitions, while each individual element can be hinged down through a latch construction.

Lindner Partition Systems, including wooden and stainless steel Doors, create calm and separated areas in the office floors. The performance spectrum of Lindner Group is rounded up by several fixed furnishings and the stage of the conference area as a custom construction, as well as Lindner Heated and Chilled Plasterboard ceilings in the entrance area.

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