New office and doctor´s practice in the "Sustainable Town" of Leutkirch in Allgäu

Following the energy concept of the town of Leutkirch, the office building´s builder Leutkircher Bank eG put great value to the low energy consumption including heated and chilled ceiling systems by Lindner.

Well known as "all-rounder", the Lindner Plafotherm® E 200 was ceiling system of choice: the overlapping metal panels are adjustable to every aesthetic and functional requirement. The ceilings and supply lines in the ceiling void are easily accessable for installation and revision works. Frameless lights can be also integrated without further problems.

Lindner Metal Canopy Ceilings of the type Plafotherm® DS ensure a more comfortable atmosphere in the office and practice rooms. The large-framed ceilings DS 320 are expandable and can also be arranged variably as single modules. The suspension of the canopys can be adjusted in its form and size to meet individual requirements. Plafotherm® Ceilings provide exellent sound absorption and the option to integrate luminaires. Featuring angled edges and a large range of surface designs, these ceilings allow you to create a finely detailed visual effect and a unique design.

In combination with insulated walls and windows and latest photovoltaic technology, the energy-saving Heated and Chilled Ceiling Systems of Lindner ensure a lower energy consumption in the new office and practice building at Bahnhofplatz in Leutkirch.

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