Novelty DryMode: Dry Laying Method for Floor Tiles on Lindner Hollow and Raised Floor Systems

Lindner Group offers a revolutionary laying technique for ceramic surfaces that goes by the name DryMode. It enables 50 % faster and dust-free laying of tiles – without the use of primers or adhesives.

The preparations for this method begin in the factory, where a layer of cork is applied to stone or ceramic tiles of all sizes, creating a precisely processed compound dry tile. When brought to the construction site, these tiles can be laid at once without any further preparations on a smooth surface, ideally FLOOR and more® hollow floors.

Only 12 to 24 hours after tiling and jointing, the surface is ready to carry loads. A circumferential edge on every tile makes for a predefined alignment of the panels to a joint width of 3 mm. Furthermore, the cork acts as an acoustically effective decoupling from the substructure.

Be it for moving, change of tenants or other changes in the utilization of a space, the tiles can be removed quickly, without residue and without any damage to the building structure. In case a single tile is damaged, it can also be exchanged within mere minutes with no additional drying period: you simply uncover the tile, remove it, insert a new piece and refill in the joints.

DryMode is especially attractive for large, continuous areas, which are commonly found in office buildings, museums, educational establishments, atria and shopping centres. Here, the installation efficiency is absolutely unrivalled.

The DryMode laying method has already been used successfully in several projects. One of them was the multi-purpose complex Arabeska in Munich, where over 20,000 sqm of Lindner Hollow and Raised Floors have been installed in high-quality rental areas that house companies such as the Bosch branch BSH Household Appliances and the insurance group Swiss Re.

In one of the building parts, the NORTEC Raised Floors have been used as a substructure for the large-format tiles (1.2 m x 1.2 m) that were laid using the DryMode method. The outcome speaks for itself: extremely short installation without waiting time and a perfect result.

Please contact us for further information on DryMode.

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