A patients' home for the leukemia help foundation Eastern Bavaria

18.04.2018ReferencesPress ReleasesDry LiningLindner News

The company founder Hans Lindner goes by the motto “If you are well-off, let others participate” – that is why the Lindner Group chose to take part in the social project of Leukämiehilfe Ostbayern (leukemia help Eastern Bavaria) in Regensburg. The rebuilding of the existing patients‘ home had become necessary in order to increase the capacity of beds and thus be able to accommodate more patients and their relatives. The project is financed entirely by donations and endowment benefits. Lindner and its partners provide free work services for the construction, NORIT-products for dry floor laying and other needed materials.

With more than 6,700 employees worldwide and a broad product range for interior fit-out, facade and insulation technology, Lindner realizes individual complete solutions for customers all over the world. The family business is doing well, which is why the Hans Lindner Foundation was founded as early as 1990. The foundation cares for people and projects in the the company´s home region, being an initiator of social institutions such as the multi-generation house in Arnstorf. It also runs projects to support children and youth in Uganda and Romania. Heinrich Büchner, member of the Board of Management, explains, “Our company and especially the Lindner family are aware of the social responsibility they carry in our region. Therefore we are happy to support such important projects as the leukemia foundation's patient home, quickly and straightforwardly.”

The opening of the 4.5 million Euro project is already planned for June 2018. Then it will be a place of peace and secureness, both for those who are directly affected as well as their relatives. But above all, this “meeting place” is set to offer an overnight accommodation close to the clinic.

The Chairman of Leukämiehilfe Ostbayern e.V., Professor Dr. Reinhard Andreesen, is convinced: “The floating spirit of this joint project will continue to have a positive effect on the recovery of patients in the future as well. Thus, each one contributes to create wonderful things together and helping people who need our help.”

The Lindner Group is proud to be able to contribute together with its partners and appreciate the quick implementation by all parties who were involved. Special thanks to Steinbacher, Steico, Jowat, maxit, Fibo exclay, the NORIT product division and the colleagues of Lindner's fit-out team.