A system easily explained

25.10.2018FloorsLindner News

FLOOR and more® comfort is a hollow floor with integrated underfloor heating and many possibilities for interior design. That the structure and functioning is easy to understand is shown in our product video about the system.

Through a hollow floor architects have the ability to elegantly hide any installations of the building services while maintaining a high functionality of the premises. FLOOR and more® comfort goes one step further by providing room temperature control thanks to integrated heating / cooling technology. This also eliminates the planning for radiators and possibly cooling units. Meanwhile, the hollow floor is in no way limited in terms of possible coverings and suitable for many different applications thanks to its relatively high load class.

The most intuitive and easy way to get an overview of the FLOOR and more® comfort system is to take a look at the specially crafted product video.

Watch it on YouTube: Our product world - FLOOR and more® comfort - hollow floor with integrated underfloor heating system

More detailed information about the product can be found on our website.