BNA architectural award for Clinic in Rotterdam

12.06.2019Lindner NewsReferences

The Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is the first clinic ever to receive the BNA Prize, a Dutch architecture prize. The building, to which Lindner was able to contribute with partition and ceiling systems, won the "Stimulating Environments" category.

The hospital, designed by EGM architects, already surprises upon entering with an attractive foyer. High ceilings, greenery, natural light and inviting seating create a pleasant atmosphere. Anchor points such as reception desks and art objects as well as views that connect to the city facilitate orientation in the clinic. The BNA Prize in the category "Stimulating Environments" recognizes buildings that promote encounters. In particular, the jury pays attention to a healthy, sustainable and stimulating (working) environment that maximizes well-being and minimizes stress levels. The design of the complex is thoughtful and functional. It has a logical floor plan and a central connection axis. Lindner was able contribute to the fit-out with hook-on ceiling systems of the type LMD-E 300 and with partition systems, e. g. of the type Life 137. The easily revisable ceiling systems and the flush glazing of the partition wall system make an important contribution to the concept of the building. The BNA Prize is awarded every year by the Dutch Architectural Association BNA. In 2019, the Erasmus MC was selected from a total of 114 submissions. Since then it has received several awards, including the Dutch Daylight Award.