Certified Health Management by Lindner

06.02.2019Lindner NewsWorking at Lindner

In October 2015, with a joint Statement of Managing Board and the Lindner family, foundations for the in-house Health Management were laid. Health of employees lies since then even more in the centre.

Employees of the Lindner Group will be diagnosed as soon as possible and their health preserved and promoted. They will actively participate in search for solutions in so called health circles, in which they will suggest improvements. Apart from the analysis of absence caused by illness, incriminating factors will be made visible from the beginning.

Findings and suggestions contributed to preventive measures and actions for health building and -promoting, like for example: health days and health courses (for instance, Yoga, Strength-Aktive-Courses, participation of the branch in Dettelbach in the GlobalChallenge, non-smoker course) but also diverse measures for health and safety protection at the workplace like lifting assistance, height-adjustable table legs or air curtains in the production places. In this way, the new building in headquarters of the Lindner Group in Arnstorf was completely equipped with height-adjustable desks. The well-being atmosphere played the main role by the design of the new office environment. Managerial staff was made aware of the topic of resilience, the psychical resistance in workshops which were concerned with dealing with psychical burdens.

The AOK acknowledged the systematic approach of the Lindner Group through a particular distinction: Lindner received a certificate “healthy enterprise” in silver standard as the first company in AOK-Directorate.

In-house Health Management is happy about the certificate (from the left): BGM advisor for the AOK Kai Schwab, Elisabeth Lindner, coordinator for BGM for the AOK Rottal-Inn, Hermine Altmann, as well as from the right: director Daniel Gansmeier from the AOK Rottal-Inn, BGM-specialist Martina Stömmer und Günther Greil, Managing Director Personal Finance by Lindner.