COLOURline A1: Newcomer among the Ceiling Surfaces

27.07.2022Lindner NewsPress ReleasesCeilings

The Lindner Group has a new powder coating for metal ceilings in its portfolio: The COLOURline A1 surface line achieves the highest European building material class and thus meets the highest requirements for non-combustibility.

The Status Quo

For a long time now, the powder coating Lindner COLOURline has been popular for the visual design of ceiling systems. With perforations and glued-in acoustic tissue, the ceilings not only offer very good sound absorption, but also impress with sustainable properties. Currently, the ceiling elements with the COLOURline powder coating and the acoustic tissue achieve building material class A2 - s1, d0. Building materials of this class are already non-combustible. Despite the good fire protection properties of COLOURline, the European building material class A1 according to EN 13 501 Part 1 is increasingly required nowadays. Until now, the non-combustibility of the powder coating in class A could only be increased with a specially tested RAL colour and the insertion ‒ instead of gluing ‒ of the acoustic tissue, but at the expense of the acoustic performance of the metal ceiling.

The New Development

The Lindner Group has reacted to the increased requirements by developing the new surface line COLOURline A1. By optimising the powder selection, refining the surface coating and adapting the acoustic tissue, the amount of combustible material and smoke development could be reduced. A classic gluing-in of the acoustic tissue is also possible again. In short, this means maximum non-combustibility with consistently high acoustic performance ‒ COLOURline A1 achieves building material class A1 according to EN 13 501 Part 1 and is thus considered completely non-combustible. At the same time, the design is possible in numerous perforations and colours according to RAL and NCS. The new powder coating thus combines individual design with optimum acoustics and the best fire protection properties.

A Win All Along the Line

The existing advantages of the established COLOURline are of course retained in the new development: The powder coating of the ceiling surfaces is carried out in an environmentally friendly and solvent-free painting process and thus fulfils high sustainability requirements. The new surface coating is possible for the most common metal ceilings in the Lindner ceiling portfolio.