Constructing healthier buildings - but how?

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The Lindner Group has been working closely with the Sentinel Haus Institute for more than a year to emphasize the issue of “healthier buildings” with architects, planners, building owners and users. New explanatory videos from the Sentinel Haus Institute now provide information on the Lindner Group's comprehensive expertise in healthier interiors.

How can negative influences on interiors be reduced and how can an environment be created in which one feels good and especially healthier? Questions that not only bother the Sentinel Haus Institute and the Lindner Group.

One of the most important factors is the interior air quality. New and refurbished energy-efficient buildings have one drawback: indoor pollutants can escape very badly or not at all. Thus, it is particularly important to pay attention to healthier construction materials, clean processing and implementation. Requirements that the Lindner Group can offer in a unique overall package - from planning to complete implementation to final handover.

With emphasis on sustainable, healthier and more profitable office buildings, the Lindner Group is also a partner in the research project My Future Office. This research focusses on the reduction of pollutants in office real estate and other topics such as the effects of daylight and acoustics on the well-being and performance of employees, the reduction of pathogens, the monetary value increase of the property and high-quality process management for a high quality of health.

First positive results can be found in the “Health Passport for healthier rooms” for the room-in-room system Lindner Cube duo. The measurements showed that for example, the values of the individual substances (VOC) fell well below the strict precautionary guidelines of the indoor air hygiene commission and that the formaldehyde value in the cube was only 1/5 of the prescribed standard value. The thermal comfort also convinced with a maximum value of 95% satisfied users.

You can find more about healthier buildings with the Sentinel Haus Institute, Lindner Group and the Lindner Cube duo on the Youtube channel of the Sentinel Haus Institute or directly at the Videos.

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