Cooperative business relations for project success

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Lindner Fassaden GmbH has invited its most important suppliers and service providers to the 1st Supply Chain Conference. The aim of the event was to explain to the participants the strategy for the long-term establishment of business relations and a cooperative partnership in a team

The basic idea of the conference was to involve all participants in the value chain and to start the necessary implementation of the strategy to start the necessary team spirit. On 27 September 2018, the first Supply Chain Conference of Lindner Fassaden GmbH took place with representatives of the 30 most important suppliers and in the presence of selected customers and specialist planners. After the welcome speech, Helmut Lang, Member of the Board of Lindner Group, gave an overview of the Lindner Group before Stefan Ehgartner, Managing Director of Lindner Fassaden GmbH, explained in detail the new strategic direction of the company and the associated new demands on our supply chain. Afterwards, the suppliers and customers were able to attend lectures by Dipl.-Ing. Radu-Florin Berger of Werner Sobek, Dr.-Ing. Architect Christian Bergmann of Hadi Teherani and Dipl.-Ing. Nils Fischer of Zaha Hadid Architects, who presented the world of architecture and structural design underlined by current projects. After a short break, the specialist presentations by Robert Farthmann and Markus Götz followed, explaining what Lindner has been working on regarding lean management and supply chain strategy and what specific requirements have been placed on suppliers.

The participants were shown that the supply chain is by no means "just" procurement. It encompasses the end-to-end value chain, from the customer to the supplier, which can only be achieved through holistic strategies, processes and systems, as well as through high agility, efficiency and reliability. Of course there are always disturbances in this chain that do not satisfy the suppliers, customers and us. For this reason, the divisions of Lindner Fassaden GmbH have scrutinized the processes in the "Supply Chain Excellence" project, clearly defined and regulated tasks, and worked out a roadmap for the implementation of the strategy.

The purchasing strategy also includes the purchasing policy in which the following values are found:

  • Collaboration with the best in the industry
  • Suppliers as fixed value-added partners
  • agility through flexible, excellent processes
  • Ethics, ecology and sustainability as a prerequisite
  • Stable, long-term business relationships

Hans Wiedemann, Managing Director of BEMO Systems, gave the participants a detailed insight into his cooperation with PRATER Ltd. in England. BEMO has been a strategic partner for complex roof cladding for several years and Mr. Wiedemann explained with great commitment and authenticity the advantages that such a close partnership brings with it for both sides and explained this with concrete project examples.

The core of his presentation is:
Without mutual trust, no partnership can work, a sincere handshake is worth more than any contract, even if it does not work without a contract.

At the joint dinner, the lectures and findings were intensively discussed and initial plans for joint projects were forged. All in all a very successful event that has laid a good foundation for the further implementation of our strategy.