Creating Mehr.Wert with healthier rooms

28.06.2018Lindner NewsLindner GroupGreen BuildingNew Work

What is Mehr.Wert? It translates roughly into “added benefits”, but that hardly comes up to the true meaning of this German expression. Mehr.Wert is a statement for truly superior performance throughout Lindner´s chain of value creation, from the first to the last handshake.

“Living healthier” is the credo of our time. Especially in the world of work, the topic of health is becoming increasingly important. What makes a good workplace that creates a modern, healthy and motivating environment? This is the question underlying the research project MY FUTURE OFFICE.

In addition to a good coexistence and a positive working atmosphere, the room comfort - acoustics, light and climate - as well as the indoor air quality play an important role in the well-being and thus in the satisfaction and motivation of the employees.

The focus is increasingly on the effects of the building materials on the users - but also on producers and processors. As far as the healthiness of materials for interior products is concerned, Lindner is in a leading position with a comprehensive range of services and a wide range of environmentally friendly, biologically recommended system products.

Ongoing certifications prove the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, the use of renewable energy, efficient water management and social responsibility. Detailed self-declarations provide comprehensive information on all environmental impacts of the product and serve as the data base for building certification systems such as LEED, DGNB, BNB and BREEAM.

The cooperation with the Sentinel Haus Institute puts the expertise of the Lindner Group around healthier interiors even further into the foreground. With the research project MY FUTURE OFFICE, Lindner, together with Sentinel Haus, TÜV Rheinland and other partners from the construction business, is developing standards for profitable, sustainable and healthier new office buildings and renovations. In addition to the reduction of pollutants in office properties, the topics in which research is conducted include the effects of daylight and acoustics on the well-being and efficiency of employees, the reduction of pathogens, the monetary value increase of the property and high-quality process management for a high quality of health.

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