Easily explained – Lindner Baffle Ceilings

12.03.2019Heating and CoolingCeilingsLindner News

Extraordinary design, comfortable indoor climate and perfect acoustics – Lindner Baffle Ceilings explained easily in a product video on YouTube.

The novel Lindner Baffle Ceiling System is suitable for newly constructed buildings as well as for reconstructions. But something is different: It’s not horizontal, it’s vertical. Thus, the open ceiling construction allows a view of the bare ceiling. Besides linear baffle systems, wavelike baffles, baffles with integrated lights and with 3D effects are available for a more distinctive design. Whether it’s heating and cooling technology, acoustical optimisation or fast assembly – the Baffle Ceiling fulfils (nearly) everyone’s wishes. Those and even more functions of the system are explained easily and in a compact version in a new video on YouTube.

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LMD-L 608 - Metal Baffle Ceiling
LMD-L LAOLA - Metal Baffle Ceiling in wavelike design
Plafotherm® L 608 - Heated and Chilled Metal Baffle Ceiling