Economic Use of Halls during Lockdown

31.03.2021Lindner NewsCeilingsDry Lining

Due to the pandemic, numerous hall owners are affected by closures, exactly like the retail and food sector and many others: Many exhibition halls, multi-purpose halls and gymnasiums are vacant, but still incur maintenance costs. Temporarily repurposing halls using the Click & Load load-bearing system can help to deal with the situation.

According to AUMA – the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry – the available exhibition hall space in Germany is 2.8 million m². But not only exhibition halls are affected: City halls, gymnasiums and multi-purpose halls, as well as numerous cultural buildings, are also vacant. Running costs such as insurance, maintenance and rent continue to be incurred.

Temporary Repurposing of Vacant Hall Space

A solution is temporary repurposing: Vacant halls can be put to a sensible temporary use as vaccination centers, testing or quarantine stations, as emergency accommodation or as space for alternative hospital beds. Vacancies are thus counteracted and the income can cover running costs. That way, hall operators remain independent.

Click & Load Load-bearing System as a Basis

The basis for the repurposing of halls is a stable load-bearing system that can be suspended from the ceiling. This will later support partition wall systems, lighting ducts, supply lines, medical room equipment, etc. The Click & Load ceiling grid is particularly suitable for this purpose: It is stable, can be walked on and has various connections. The aluminum grid is also light and easy to install, yet can support heavy loads. It can then be used, for example, to fasten partition walls and to separate rooms. The hall areas are then available for new purposes. When regular use is resumed, the ceiling grid can remain installed. Rapid reactions are always possible in the event of further exceptional situations. 

Click & Load

+ lightweight aluminum ceiling grid: approx. 7 kg/m

+ supports extremely high loads

+ multiple connection options

+ easy to install

+ simple click system

+ sound-insulated construction

Find more information on the system here: