Exceptional Facade Eye-catcher on Berlin's Bundesallee

13.10.2023Lindner NewsFacadesOffices

On Bundesallee, Lindner Building Envelope has implemented an innovative façade concept for a residential and office building using a sustainable mix of materials: In addition to floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces, there are green window elements as well as elements made of wood and photovoltaic panels.

Sustainable, Accessible & Flexible: Bundesallee 215

The 3.7 km long Bundesallee connects the Berlin districts of Wilmersdorf and Friedenau. On one of the last available plots, in the second row to the main road, a new residential and office building will be built in 2022. A variety of one to four-room apartments and almost 400 m² of office space are spread over seven floors. Attention was paid to a modular and easily dismantled construction that is both energy efficient and barrier free. Due to the limited site area and the surrounding block development, Kunat Architects designed the building as a solitaire, embodying transparency and lightness. To achieve this, they opted for a reinforced concrete skeleton, which allows for maximum flexibility in the interior spaces and great freedom in the façade. Greenery, balconies and terraces give the façade a certain playfulness and a homely atmosphere.

Building Envelope for the Future

The basic structure consists of several floor-to-ceiling window boxes, each of which can be 'filled' with glass, photovoltaic panels, wood or even greenery. High-quality Kebony, a Norwegian pine impregnated with bio-alcohol, was chosen for the wooden elements. The wood is strong and weather resistant, but is an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical teak – Kebony wood is fully recyclable. Direct weathering also creates a silver patina, so the colour of the wood matches the aluminium frame of the façade perfectly.

Aluminium frame with all-in-one function

The window frame was prefabricated in the factory by Lindner Building Envelope, further processed by partner companies depending on the "filling" and assembled as a whole on site. The aluminium pilaster strips for the outer frame, which are only 127 mm wide, fulfil several functions: They contain connections for the photovoltaic power supply, irrigation lines for the vertically planted elements and concealed downpipes for rainwater drainage from the flat roof. The window boxes, also manufactured by Lindner, consist of wooden sash frames with triple insulation and integrated parapet glazing with external glare protection. In addition, permanent scaffolding anchors were integrated into the window boxes as load-bearing components: These allow scaffolding to be attached directly to the façade, making future renovation, cleaning and replacement of the panels much easier. Thanks to innovative construction measures such as these, Bundesallee 215 has become a flexible residential and office building that can always react to possible changes of use or redesign requests – a project that will continue to meet all requirements in the future.