Flower Ornamentation on the Facade

14.06.2017 Facades

With the residential and business building “Blumenhaus” (Flower House), Wiel Arets Architects seeks to create an architectural contrast between the otherwise rather rough surroundings in the former industrial area in central Zurich. The Facade elements with worked-in flower silhouettes have been produced and installed by Lindner Fassaden GmbH.

The Quarter Escher Wyss in Zurich´s city district 5 is characterized by the former product plants and shipyards of Escher Wyss AG. As a part of an urban development project, this environment saw the immigration of young creative workers, culturalists and well-established companies in partly redeveloped existing builings, but also new constructed residential and business buildings. Face-to-face with the heritage-protected “Schiffbau”-hall is the seven-storey “Blumenhaus” with flower silhouettes in a matte aluminium facade.

Lindner Fassaden GmbH produced and installed a total of 1,700 sqm of facade surface. The specially treated aluminium panels have been executed with thicknesses of 15 mm as a drop-protection on the balconies as well as in 4 mm as rear-ventilated facade. The characteristic hibiscus flowers are found both as embossings and lasered-out parts in all claddings of the building´s facade, as well as in the rounded drop protection of the underground parking garage. In addition to this ornamentation, Lindner and a partner company developed an own grinding technology to give the aluminium parts their characteristic whirl polish, establishing a context to this former industrial site.

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