Haspa Hamburg: Individual Branch Fit-out

29.09.2021Lindner News

The Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) redesigned around 100 of its bank branches: The focus of the new design concept is on transparency and recognition – among other things, this was implemented through the individual Lindner Cubes as well as semi-open meeting areas, which were delimited with Lindner Life Pure 620 glass partitions.

More Than Banking

Haspa has been the leading bank in Hamburg since 1827: It is not only the central point of contact for around 1.5 million customers in all financial matters, but is also commits actively in art, music, sport, educational and social issues. Together with numerous digital offerings, the fit-out of the branches is part of the largest investment programme in the history of Haspa. Following this spirit, the rooms will be used for more than banking transactions and advisory meetings – the branches also become a central meeting place in the respective districts: The employees will therefore be available not only for classic banking matters but also as mediators for a wide range of concerns.

Open Room Concept

Using lean-cycle methods, the Lindner Group realised almost 200 closed room-in-room solutions and almost 90 half-open room partitions, delimited with Lindner Life Pure 620 all-glass partitions. All products were specially tailored to the floor plan of the individual branches. The Lindner Cube modular room systems function as discreet places of retreat – yet they complement the open branch offices with transparency and flexibility: the Cubes consist of full-surface, frameless glass partitions, partially supplemented with wooden partitions, and create pleasant acoustics within the free-standing rooms thanks to perforated surfaces.

Clear Corporate Identity

When designing the rooms, individual accents were set – yet the unity of the branches should be recognisable at first glance: Therefore, grey stone tiles in the corridors, light parquet floors in the meeting rooms and white space-creating braces, plinths or silver-coloured aluminium profiles for the glass partitions in the room-in-room systems were chosen throughout. The latter were designed by Lindner to conform to the CI and thus lead to a clear definition of space.

You can find out more about the conversion of the bank branches here.