Health Day in Arnstorf

23.10.2019Lindner NewsWorking at Lindner

On 18 October 2019, the Lindner Health Day took place at the headquarters of the Lindner Group in Arnstorf. With lectures and a corresponding framework program, the colleagues were able to obtain comprehensive information on the subject of healthiness at the workplace.

"Sitting is the new smoking" – we’re facing this warning more and more frequently in everyday life: By working in an office on a regular basis, we’re likely to spend too much time seated. In the first lecture that was part of the Lindner Health Day in Arnstorf, the participants received advice for finding the right height for their desks and chairs and much more.

Another lecture dealt with active breaks: Without changing clothes and without sweating, active breaks can increase well-being in the workplace significantly. In a third part of the event, the so-called mobee measurement was the topic: Shortened muscles or muscular imbalances can cause reduced mobility and may prevent optimal posture and simple everyday movements. With the help of this measurement, the mobility of the cervical spine, shoulder joints and others can be determined. This offer was completed by an explanation of the results and exercise recommendations to improve the ability to move.

Exhibitors such as the company Antholzer KG and Partners informed about work clothing and personal protective equipment, the medical supply store Göldner about leg, back and foot health and Zweirad Würdinger about the bike leasing offer of the Lindner Group. There were also information stands on the subject of addiction, in-house Lindner pension plans, the premium health insurance partner AOK as well as mhplus and DAK.