Identical Glass Partition, Significant CO2 Savings Thanks to Hydro REDUXA®

16.05.2023Lindner NewsPress ReleasesPartitionsGreen Building

The Lindner Group is taking a further step towards sustainability in construction by changing the wall profiles of the Lindner Life Stereo 125 from aluminium to Hydro REDUXA® aluminium: The new Hydro REDUXA aluminium profile significantly reduces the CO2 emissions of the glass partition.

Aluminium from Norwegian Smelters

The Norwegian company Hydro has been involved in renewable energy, technology and innovation for more than 100 years. The international aluminium producer is committed to creating a more sustainable future and developing lower-emission aluminium products. With the low carbon material Hydro REDUXA®, this goal is becoming a reality: Hydro REDUXA® aluminium products have a significantly lower carbon footprint, made possible in part by the use of renewable energy combined with state-of-the-art technology. For example, Hydro REDUXA® products produce only 4.0 kg of CO2 emissions per kg of aluminium, which is about a quarter of the global average.

Maximum Transparency meets Sustainability

After Lindner Building Envelope GmbH already uses Hydro REDUXA® aluminium in some façade elements, the wall division is now also switching to the low-emission aluminium with the Lindner Life Stereo 125. This adds a sustainable wall frame to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver partition that will last for generations thanks to its strength, flexibility and durability. The aluminium used has one of the best climate balance values available today. But it is not only in terms of sustainability that the glass partition system scores: The Lindner Life Stereo 125 achieves sound insulation of up to 53 dB Rw and has fire protection class F30. It is also impact resistant and can optionally be designed to be earthquake resistant.

The Benefits of Hydro REDUXA® at a Glance:

  • maximum 4.0 kg of CO2 emissions per kg of aluminium - including all process steps
  • traceability down to each individual batch
  • certified by DNV-GL in accordance with ISO 14064
  • confirmed by a Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)