Inside blind cleaning in the Jakob-Kaiser-Haus – Lindner RIDO Fassadentechnologie

11.11.2020Lindner NewsPress ReleasesFacades

Lindner RIDO Fassadentechnologie specialises in the inspection, maintenance and repair of facades of buildings as well as other comparable constructions. As part of a tender, the company is now carrying out the cyclical cleaning of the approx. 5,000 inside blinds in the largest German parliament building, the Jakob-Kaiser-Haus in Berlin.

The Jakob-Kaiser-Haus accommodates Members' offices and meeting rooms on 53,000 m². The blinds to be cleaned are light-directing blinds with a slat width of 25 and 50 mm. In addition to adhering to the time frame, the internal processes in the parliament building must not be significantly disrupted. There are strict security measures when entering the building. Every day, 25 blinds are dismantled, cleaned and serviced at Lindner RIDO in Berlin-Schönefeld and reassembled the following day.

In building management, windows, facades and sun protection technology are increasingly seen as a unit. The regular cleaning of sun protection systems is often included in the overall building cleaning complex. TLT blinds like those in the Jakob-Kaiser-Haus should be cleaned every one to two years in order to keep them working smoothly. In general, the recommended cleaning cycle for blinds is two to three years. In the best case scenario, the service life of the systems can be doubled – particularly sustainable use and long-term value retention are guaranteed that way.

In addition to horizontal blinds, there are a number of different systems. Lindner RIDO cleans all internal and external blinds from 16 mm and up to 100 mm slat width. The company has expertise in the assembly, repair and maintenance of blinds as well as the equipment and the experience required to clean them.

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