Lean Construction in Practice

23.08.2018Lindner NewsLindner GroupPartitionsFloorsHeating and CoolingLean Construction Management

The New Stock Exchange in Zurich is a showcase for Lindner on how the Lean Construction Management concept brings more structure to complex construction projects through well-considered planning.

With its mighty entrance portal, the stock exchange in the center of Zurich stands out visibly. However, the previously widely visible letters “BÖRSE” above the portal were finally removed in 2017, after the stock exchange had already been down for years. The reason for this was the digitization of securities trading, which started shortly after the completion of the building in the mid-nineties and made other demands on the architecture. Following various renovations, the operator company finally left the building last year, and one of the world's leading educational institutions will move into the “Neue Börse” (new stock exchange) as a new user. Another large-scale reconstruction will prepare the iconic building for its future.

As part of this measure, the Swiss branch of Lindner AG in Opfikon was able to qualify early for the chilled ceilings fit-out package and gradually acquire additional performance areas such as glass partitions as interior facade and flooring covering work. The contract covers four floors and an area of 13,500 m². At the beginning of 2018, it became apparent that the overarching deadline specified by the client was in jeopardy. At the same time, it was not possible to draw up a reliable schedule at this early stage of the project due to ongoing planning and delays in the awarding process. The goal was to create a schedule within a very short time, which would bring the project to a close in time, with the consent of all involved companies. Lindner then offered the client to incorporate its skills in Lean Construction Management into the overall project management. There was a convincing presentation, in which the concept was presented together with the in-house LEAN team.

The Lean Construction Management is an adaptation of Lean principles from production systems to the construction sector. A predictive process control according to the Last Planner® system achieves a steady flow of construction in which waste is specifically detected and avoided. Further foundations of the Lean Construction Management are the holistic consideration of planning and execution processes as well as the structuring of the work organization throughout the entire construction process.

At the New Stock Exchange, the implementation began with the definition of work cycles within the building, which was done together with the responsible foremen. Also, first drafts for the so-called trades sets were created. These were finally fixed to incorporate them in the final version in the schedule. The all-new schedule was finally rolled out in early March and the Lean Construction Management was officially kicked-off. Since then, there has been a daily LEAN session in which pro-active daily coordination is optimized. The result of the introduction of Lean Construction Management in the New Stock Exchange is that all those involved experience much greater planning security and go through more efficient processes. The cooperation on the construction site as a whole has improved noticeably, which ultimately also leads to a more economical process.