Lindner as Guest at ZAK Engineered Timber Envelopes


On 10 February 2022, an event of the "ZAK World of Façades" will take place on the topic of "Engineered Timber Envelopes". Jeppe Hundevad from the Lindner Group will present the new Lindner ECO_N® hybrid element façade – a building envelope made of wood and aluminium.

Timber Construction: More than just a Trend?

Environmentally conscious behaviour is not only becoming more and more important in our daily lives – sustainability already begins in the environment in which we live. Therefore, "Sustainable Building" is a topic concerning many people and organisations. In this context, solid wood is becoming highly valued as a building material: Wood not only combines cost-effectiveness with sustainability by binding CO2, but also convinces with good thermal and sound insulation properties. Thus, the increasing popularity of timber constructions offers a great opportunity for the façade world: solid laminated wood systems allow for shapes and curvatures and therefore permit unusual building structures.

Identifying Opportunities – Mastering Challenges

The organisation "ZAK World of Façades" has recognised the relevance of timber façades: With its conference series “ZAK Engineered Timber Envelope” it wants to create more awareness for the topic. Many specialists from different fields meet there and exchange their knowledge about wooden façades. With the aim of creating a more sustainable infrastructure, numerous speakers will inform about the latest innovations in the solid wood industry. Panel discussions round off the conference series by contrasting the opportunities and challenges of the timber envelope. The event will take place in line with the current Corona regulations on 10th February 2022 at Central Hall Westminster in London. It is aimed at architects, developers, engineers, contractors and many more. Participation is possible both online and in person and requires registration via the ZAK Engineered Timber Envelopes website.

Building with New (Timber) Solutions

The Lindner Group will also be represented at the event: Jeppe Hundevad, Branch Manager at Lindner Steel & Glass, will talk about the new hybrid element façade ECO_N, supported by Markus Ellenrieder, Head of Sales at the Lindner Fassaden GmbH. The façade combines timber modules with aluminium and is therefore both economical and sustainable. The wooden components contribute to a 20 to 30 % reduction in CO2, depending on the type of design. The symbiosis of wood and aluminium elements meets highest thermal and fire protection requirements and makes the façade particularly durable.