Lindner presents heated/chilled beam AirBeam at trade fair ISH 2019

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It took place from 11. to 15. March 2019: the international trade fair for building, energy and climate control technology ISH in Frankfurt. Next to new heating and cooling technology and sustainable solutions with Add.Vantage, the Lindner Group presented the heated/chilled beam AirBeam.

Ventilation components are very important for an optimal indoor climate. Combined with the heated/chilled ceiling system Plafotherm® or the metal ceiling system LMD, the active heated and chilled beams AirBeam are an Add.Vantage for efficient indoor climate control, either in form of an addition to performance or as a functional complement. Thereby, AirBeam is additionally connected to the central ventilation system. It can also derive peak loads from chilled ceiling areas.

Different variants are available which can be adjusted to the space requirements in performance and design.

The portfolio of Lindner heated/chilled beams:

AirBeam Basic

  • construction: single element with large perforation and wide slots
  • water-based cooling capacity (10K): 400 – 2,466 W/pc.

AirBeam Discreet

  • construction: single element with same perforation as ceiling panel and smaller slots
  • water-based cooling capacity (10K): 200 - 590 W/pc.

AirBeam Invisible

  • construction: element integrated in ceiling panel, not visible
  • Water-based cooling capacity (10K): 200 - 450 W/pc.

No matter if integrated on the back-side of the ceiling panels or installed into the ceiling, the heated/chilled beams AirBeam easily and efficiently combine design and function with thermal comfort. Cooling, heating and ventilation are combined in one system. Only one cycle is necessary for the combination of chilled beams and chilled ceiling panels.

The innovative evolution was awarded one of the highlight products of the ISH by the jury of the Stylepark Selected Award. “AirBeam enhances the effect of heated/chilled ceilings: The supply air encourages the air circulation which leads to a better performance of the cooling and heating system. Due to its ceiling-integrated installation, the system is practically invisible”, is what the Stylepark Jury said about the nomination.