More space for innovation and growth

02.08.2018Lindner NewsHeating and CoolingFloorsCeilingsPartitionsRoom-in-Room

The medium-sized software company MicroNova is expanding its location at the headquarters in Vierkirchen near Dachau by building a new head office. A great project to mark its 30th anniversary, which enables further growth and thus lays a long-term foundation.

As a result of its economic success, the company has been able to record continuous growth and today offers different software solutions in three business areas. However, the increasing number of employees minimized the spatial resources, so they decided to rebuild the headquarters for an investment of seven million euros. The old building should be remained to use it further on. In addition to the existing office building the new Business Park arose: a modern building that offers space for 140 employees on three floors with a total area of 3,500 m² and also provides sufficient reserves for further growth. Apart from the campus-style architecture in the middle of a park-like landscape, 100 parking spaces have been created – 34 of them are located in the underground of the new building and there is also a petrol station for electric cars. The architect office Obereisenbuchner realized a modern design with clear structures and an energetic concept: In order to reduce the solar radiation and the resulting heat in the premises in summer, an external shading has been installed. In addition, the temperature is controlled by an air conditioner and at night special windows with burglary protection provide cool fresh air. In winter there is no external shading needed so the rooms have the possibility to warm up naturally by solar radiation. As an integral part of the building temperature control Plafotherm® DS heating / cooling canopy ceilings were installed. The heat output required for this purpose is obtained from the waste heat of the nearby biogas plant. A photovoltaic system provides additional energy. With regard to the floor systems, the choice fell on FLOOR and more®. This system has been fully installed and allows technical installations in the floor cavity. Heavy load areas were equipped with FLOOR and more® power. For inspection openings, the raised floor NORTEC was partially integrated due to static reasons.

With this project, Lindner was entrusted as a partner for interior design and was responsible for the coordination and execution of all trades for ceiling, floor, wall, heating/cooling and room-in-room systems. This ensured a smooth execution and enabled the completion after only one and a half years of construction. The Business Park was successfully handed over in mid-June 2018 and is exemplary for an optimal chain from initial contact, which took place at the exhibition BAU 2017, to a satisfied customer.

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