Music and theatre – door to door

26.06.2019Lindner NewsPress ReleasesReferences

The Haus der Musik in Innsbruck is a new building of a special kind: theatre and music groups are acting there between acoustically optimized Lindner doors.

Various cultural institutions are brought together in the Haus der Musik in Innsbruck. These include the Kammerspiele, the Landeskonservatorium and the Institute for Musicology and i. a. also the Tiroler Symphonieorchester, the "Festwochen der Alten Musik" and a restaurant. The house is just as popular with its guests as it is with the ones using it, not least due to its optimal acoustics. The modern building with its facade of glass and dark slats has different rooms for rehearsals and concerts. In some of the halls, there is a unique view over the historic roofs of Innsbruck into the mountains thanks to large glass walls behind the stage. To ensure that the interiors are safe from fire and smoke, and that musicians and actors can rehearse in peace, Lindner installed some special doors in the Haus der Musik, all of which have a high-sound insulation. 32 double-winged doors with a 2-door-system offer optimized soundproofing, while five of them with Rw = 42 dB also have an ideal acoustic effect. Lacquered door leafs are complemented by elements of oiled oak veneer, which merge seamlessly with the wall surfaces that are kept in the same veneer. Two door elements are part of the Smoke and Heat Extractor (RWA). In total, Lindner produced 301 doors with soundproofing, 16 of them with fire resistance class T30.