Optimise Room Acoustics: The new MUTE+ Sound Absorbers

09.11.2022Lindner NewsCeilingsPartitions

The MUTE+ product portfolio consists of high-quality, high-performance and versatile ceiling and wall absorbers. A large selection is available in different colours, shapes and sizes for a wide variety of design options.

The telephone rings, the printer hums, a keyboard clatters and colleagues discuss last weekend – all noises that are completely commonplace in an open-plan office. Nevertheless, even short interruptions or quiet disturbing noises are sometimes enough to disrupt concentration. Persistent noise can then even lead to permanent stress and psychological strain. As a result, tasks often remain undone, increasing the pressure to perform.

Reduce Noise – Increase Concentration

In short, room acoustics have a considerable influence on our well-being, concentration and performance. According to studies, those who are regularly affected by noise pollution are even endangering their health. Nonetheless, many disturbing noises cannot be completely avoided. What we can do, however, is, for example, move conversations to meeting rooms, place printers in other rooms or create places of retreat for telephone calls.

Improve Room Acoustics Retroactively

But when small improvements are not enough, MUTE+ sound absorbers provide a remedy: they absorb sound and eliminate acoustic disturbances. Thanks to extensive testing in an accredited test laboratory, the customer always receives the exact acoustic value for his absorber solution and can then estimate the improvement of the acoustic optimisation. The MUTE+ products also reduce the reverberation time and ensure better speech comprehension – considerable potential for performance improvement is thus created. In addition to open-plan offices, the ceiling and wall absorbers are therefore also ideal for schools, universities or other areas where quiet and concentration are required. If desired, the experts at the Lindner Group can offer their advice and support at any time.

All-rounder for Design, Acoustics and Sustainability

Apart from improved room acoustics, the absorbers are particularly impressive from a visual point of view: in addition to the versatile standard fabrics and dimensions, individual design in terms of colour, size and shape is possible. The colourful fabric absorbers act as eye-catchers on plain ceilings or walls, while different material combinations ensure a unique room design. Special attention was also paid to the sustainability of the product: The MUTE+ sound absorbers are 100% recyclable and tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, in addition to being free of mineral fibres and allergy-friendly. Production in a unique, patented process allows the fabrics to be replaced and enables quick and easy installation on ceilings and walls.
In a separate online shop, the Lindner Group now offers the MUTE+ sound absorbers. Configure your individual absorber and talk to us to find the right solution for you.

Click here to go to the online shop: https://www.muteplus-schallabsorber.de/