15.01.2020Lindner News

Shocking news about all the meat scandals, factory farming, antibiotic misuse and animal suffering led the Lindner Group to set up the Land.Luft start-up - for the benefit of people, animals and nature.

On a fallow farm in Lower Bavaria, near Arnstorf, with an area of 45 hectares, the Lindner Agriculture and Forestry has thus built up the sustainable organic agriculture called Land.Luft. Free-range farming, i.e. cattle, pigs and sheep, who are born and reared in outdoor systems throughout their lives, with permanent access to pasture, being also slaughtered there, have also never been transported.

According to the TU Munich, the animal welfare has high impacts on the the quality of the meat. The Land.Luft pigs’ stress level has been measured during playing, wallowing and sleeping on the pasture as well as directly before and after slaughtering. The result confirms that the animals were completely relaxed. The slaughtering at Land.Luft happens in the mobile slaughter trailer - but only for those animals which are entering it completely voluntarily. The other ones get the chance when they are curious enough to step into into the trailer.

For about one and a half years now, the meat and sausage products of highest quality can be bought directly at the farm in Leberfing, Lower Bavaria in the farm shop or can be enjoyed in the organic restaurant Land.Luft. A few days ago, our online shop has been made available and you can order fresh meat. Our organic farm delivers to you, ensuring you only eat the absolute best.

Let’s have a try! www.landluft.bio