Perfect Perforated with the new SPREADline Scattered Perforation

09.01.2024Lindner NewsCeilings

With SPREADline, Lindner is launching a new perforation for ceiling surfaces. The ceiling panels with SPREADline perforation not only feature a seamless spread perforation pattern, but also easy revision options, high sound insulation values and much more.

New Alternative to Plasterboard Perforation

The ceiling surface of the SPREADline perforation Rsl 130-10 is visually reminiscent of a conventional plasterboard ceiling with scattered perforations – but it offers much more: among other things, the perforation impresses with an almost seamless transition and therefore barely visible joints. The ceiling panels, each with a 10% open area and a size of 1,800 x 600 mm, can be removed without tools for quick and easy access to the ceiling void, eliminating the need for unsightly access panels.

The right Look for Every Project

You can choose from three pre-defined scatter perforations: These differ in terms of hole size, arrangement and open area. The individual shape and arrangement of the perforation opens up new design possibilities: Logos and personal photos can be incorporated into your ceiling to create striking eye-catchers.

Luminaires, Ceilings, Acoustic Inserts – Easy to Combine

SPREADline's scattered perforation not only looks good, it is also good for the ears: In combination with acoustic inserts, the perforated surface achieves very high sound absorption values, thus freeing interiors from disturbing background noise. What is more, the perforation patterns can be combined with loudspeakers and lighting to create real wow effects.

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