Photolithography: LED amber light for clean rooms and semiconductor manufacturing

06.11.2019Lindner NewsPress ReleasesLuminaires

Absolute protection against contamination and deposits on the product needs to be guaranteed in clean rooms. Not only humans are potential particle carriers – installed luminaires need to comply with the required parameters, hygiene regulations and diverse categorizations, too. This applies in the medical-pharmaceutical sector as well as the semiconductor manufacturing.

Amber light plays an important role and is essential for lithographic processes in the semiconductor manufacturing. Thanks to a special procedure, structures are installed on components, e.g. wafers. During this procedure, a light-sensitive layer is applied – usually as photoresist – structured and then transferred into the layer underneath by means of an etching process. A reproducible lithography process becomes 
impossible when using usual, white lighting with blue content, since the photoresist would develop within just a few seconds. 

Lindner Leuchtenfabrik develops and produces according to the special requirements in clean rooms and semiconductor manufacturing: with individual lighting solutions meeting with a maximum of quality and details. This is why Lindner uses e.g. additional, internal, opaque end caps and completely coloured conversion profiles, only. 
The Lindner Teardrop Luminaire series Typ Lfy is very flexible and can be individually adapted to any clean room requirement. It is classified by ISO-class 1 and offers optimal application, also in sensitive areas, and can be installed everywhere, meeting protection class IP40 up to IP54.     

In order to cover the entire range of requirements, three different basis types are available: 

-    The first choice for most application scenarios: variant Y3 with a good filter effect and high luminous efficiency thanks to a solid-coloured conversion profile of 3 mm. 
-    Y9 is just like Type Y3. It is equipped with a 3 mm solid-coloured conversion profile but shows a higher filter effect of the blue light portion. 
-    Variant Y5 offers the best delimitation with focus on a stable range of colours. In this case, especially specified LEDs emit a strictly delimited light spectrum, so no additional filter layer is needed. The best solution for highly sensitive areas. 

Amber light can also be apllicated into the square clean room lighting type ISO-H, ISO-U (ISO-class 2) or SH luminaires (ISO-class 1) without problems. They are applicable to all ceilings systems and flush mountable. There’s a wide range of possible louvres. The individual components can be switched by means of a minimum of assembling effort at any time, since the Zhanga-standards are strictly complied with during production.