Powder Coating According to QUALICOAT Standard

16.11.2022Lindner NewsLindner Group

Selected projects often have customer specifications regarding the performed coating work. These include the QUALICOAT standard, which describes a globally recognised quality mark for liquid and powder coating of aluminium components.

Lindner Expands its Portfolio

While previous orders were awarded to appropriately certified external contract coaters in accordance with QUALICOAT requirements, Lindner now also fulfils these quality requirements in terms of materials, production and manufacturing. Since 2022, Lindner has thus been one of the approximately 500 QUALICOAT (Association for Quality Control in the Lacquering, Painting and Coating Industry) companies worldwide and 31 in Germany, and is part of an international network with global supply chains.

QUALICOAT Requirements and Regulations

For the execution of such coating contracts, coated products must meet clearly defined and international quality and performance standards. These include appearance, gloss, film thickness, adhesion and indentation hardness of the coating. Unlike conventional powder coatings, only specially approved pre-treatment chemicals and powders are used in the QUALICOAT standard coating process. Furthermore, QUALICOAT orders require additional tests during production, such as weathering tests and cross-linking degree tests, in order to guarantee the quality of the coating. As one of a total of 16 other coating companies, Lindner was able to achieve the additional qualification "Seaside" at this point. This is considered a prerequisite for coating with high corrosion protection requirements in the vicinity of the sea.

Advantages of QUALICOAT Coating

By claiming the QUALICOAT standard, users receive a coated product according to a globally defined quality level, which is both corrosion-resistant and colour-fast. This is verified by regular in-house and external inspections by independent testing institutes as well as monitoring of the production facilities in accordance with international testing regulations. In this way, Lindner helps to sustainably improve the quality maintenance, durability and cost-effectiveness of surfaces and coatings on buildings.


From now on, external interested parties can also make use of Lindner's powder coating services in QUALICOAT quality. An order for this type of coating can be placed via the LEX sales channel with contact

Julian Plankl (+49 8723 20-3436 │ Julian.Plankl[at]Lindner-Group.comLEX Beschläge- und Baubedarf Handels GmbH: Bahnhofstraße 29, 94424 Arnstorf).