Premiere for the Lindner ECO_N® in the WOLF Visitor Centre

26.05.2023Building Envelope

The symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for the WOLF Visitor Centre took place a few weeks ago, and now the first construction work is starting: By the end of 2024, a centre and learning environment for sustainable building technology is to be created in Mainburg. Lindner Building Envelope GmbH is supplying and installing around 2,000 m2 of the ECO_N wood hybrid element façade for the new building.

Entrepreneurship meets Sustainability

The efficiency of the building services is a crucial factor with regard to the transfer of heat:The WOLF Group is addressing this issue with forward-looking equipment solutions for single and multi-family homes, office buildings and the industrial environment, making it one of the leading suppliers of heating and ventilation systems. At the Mainburg site, the new WOLF building with integrated Technology Campus will soon serve as a contact point for experts, researchers and visitors. On a total of three floors with 1,500 m2 each, there is space for modern training rooms for specialist tradesmen, system builders and planners, as well as modern rooms for interdisciplinary research, development and teaching. In addition, the new visitor centre includes spacious exhibition areas with the latest WOLF technologies as well as variable office and work areas.

Future-oriented Impulses for the Region

The third floor of the WOLF visitor centre will in future house the technology transfer centre for sustainable building technology of the Free State of Bavaria. Together with the town of Mainburg and the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences, WOLF wants to drive forward future issues relating to sustainability, climate protection and digitalisation. The specific research focuses are in the areas of sustainable construction and operation of buildings, digitalisation in building technology, big data and artificial intelligence, as well as heat generation, ventilation and fluid mechanics. It is not surprising, therefore, that only climate-friendly materials and in-house equipment technology – from energy-efficient heat pumps to ventilation systems – are used in new buildings.

An Uncompromising Building Envelope

In addition to environmentally friendly building technology, WOLF is also relying on a sustainable building envelope for the new visitor centre: The newly developed ECO_N timber hybrid element façade from the Lindner Group is being used here for the first time. Around 165 facade elements – each 2.70 metres wide and 4.50 metres high – are expected to be installed on the building within 15 days next december. The fact that this short period of time is sufficient for the assembly is due to the construction of the hybrid façade: The elements are produced with the highest degree of prefabrication in the workshop and are subject to systematic quality control. This makes the installation of the timber hybrid element façade much quicker and easier than with conventional façades – for example, there is no need for scaffolding.

A Powerful Combination of Wood and Aluminium

The building envelope of the Lindner ECO_N® is not made of conventional aluminium, but of Hydro REDUXA aluminium. Only renewable energies from water, wind and solar power are used in its production. This reduces the CO2 footprint of the aluminium component by around 50 %. The ECO_N also saves around 38 % of CO2 emissions compared to a conventional aluminium unitised façade due to the statically effective wood component. The use of pure materials means that the façade can be kept in a closed loop: This ensures both the separability of the materials and the reusability and recyclability of the façade elements. At the same time, the hybrid façade offers a slender design and a wide range of design options for combining with lighting or different joint formations. In addition, the separation of the timber module from the waterproofing and drainage layer ensures that the unitised façade is extremely durable.

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