Redevelopment of London Bridge Station

16.08.2018ReferencesFacadesLindner NewsRoofingUnited Kingdom

With the refurbishment of the historic London Bridge station, the building envelope specialist Prater Ltd successfully completed the largest order in its history.

London Bridge Station is the fourth largest station in the UK and it is located just off London´s tallest building, The Shard. A major refurbishment program brought harmony between Victorian architecture and the demands of 21st-century infrastructure in a station which includes a concourse that is larger than Wembley Stadium.

In order to redevelop such a large and complex location, Network Rail needed a capable team. The general contractor, Costain, selected Prater Ltd as a partner for the design, manufacture and assembly of prefabricated concrete platforms and canopies, as well as a bespoke all-glass facade over the platform level, street level and retail space.

The project was characterised by its complexity and the short deadlines for completion. By creating and analysing a 3D model of the station, Prater was able to derive decisive measures to ensure timely delivery. A central process was the consolidation of the roof package. After early engagement with the supply chain and discussions with Network Rail and the architects of the Grimshaw, the decision was made to build a scale-true mock-up in North Yorkshire. This was then dismantled and rebuilt to confirm the buildability according to the project requirements - as a result, the quality of the overall construction and the trust of all involved in the chosen solution increased.

In order to adhere to the rigorous assembly schedule and to manage the complex geometric design of the canopy, the decision was taken to unify the roof package. The entire six kilometres of platform length was divided into 1,100 individual aluminum cassettes, all of which were manufactured in a specialized mobile manufacturing plant near the construction site and then transported to the site on a just-in-time basis.

The services were handed over on time in January 2018 and in May the official opening was carried out by Prince William.