Rising up with terracotta

30.05.2018ReferencesFacadesLindner NewsUnited Kingdom

In the White City district of London, a 35-story building was built to provide a new home for the employees of Imperial College London. The tower rises elegantly with its unitised facade with glass and terracotta surfaces, providing space for 198 apartments.

In 2013, the construction began on the university's new location. Ten new buildings for research, teaching and entrepreneurship are currently under construction. One of them is the residential building Block F. Lindner Facades Ltd. was commissioned to carry out the design, work preparation and production of the facade, to take over the coordination of the subcontractors and to supervise the merger of the participating trades.

With regard to standardization and improved cost-effectiveness, the Lindner facade system CW85 has been installed with a total of 2,400 facade elements and a width of 1.5 m each. The line production of the elements took place in the Lindner Group facade plant in Arnstorf, from where the assembly parts were transported to London. The terracotta tiles of the type KeraTwin® K20 in the color 412 Salmon in three shades were provided from the stoneware specialist Agrob Buchtal. Together with the glass elements, these were fixed on site via a rail system on the facade. The arrangement of the facade elements was already covered by the packing list.

The east-facing gradation of the building creates a step out of the glass facade on every second floor, each of which forms terraces for the apartments. In the mezzanine floors side-by-side steel balconies have been installed to give the rest of the flats also outdoor space. The fully glazed elevator shaft also fits harmoniously to the design.

As the construction works are still going on, the apartments can’t be moved in yet. However, the work on the outer shell by Lindner Facades Ltd. has already been successfully completed.