Safety during the Catastrophe

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As a globally operating company, Lindner has developed a series of earthquake-resistant ceiling systems whose structure and mode of operation are clearly illustrated in a short video.

In many countries and regions around the world, the danger of an earthquake is always present. The intensity and impact can vary widely depending on local conditions. In order to be able to offer an appropriate ceiling solution for all scenarios, Lindner developed the ceiling systems of the “Lindner Seismic” line. These are tried-and-tested standard systems whose basic structure is additionally reinforced by means of specially developed seismic clips, ensuring in any case a secure hold of the ceiling panels without restricting the functional scope. This includes, for example, the tool-free swing-down of individual ceiling panels. And even an execution with rear-mounted heating and cooling technology is easily possible.

The easiest way to get an overview of this topic is the specially shot video for “Lindner Seismic”. In this accessible format, the test procedure is also shown, where in a test structure various earthquake strengths are simulated, which exert loads on the three axes on the ceiling systems and thus put their stability to the test.

See for yourself - explained briefly and graphically prepared informs our product video about the main features and functions.

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Our tested products:

LMD-E 200
LMD-E 213
LMD-DS 320
Plafotherm® E 200
Plafotherm® E 213
Plafotherm® DS 320