Seasonal greetings…out of the sky!

20.12.2017 Lindner News Lindner Group

Approaching the Christmas season, we are even more delighted with the unexpected surprise we've recently found in our mailbox. Two years ago, a special representative of our company took on a journey and has returned after this long time: the card of balloon No. 0240...

How high can a balloon fly, where does the wind take it, what is it going to experience along the way? These were the kind of questions the little guests asked themselves during the Lindner Children´s Day in Arnstorf two years ago. The answer came now with the Christmas post.

Our anniversary in 2015 was about “packing a suitcase” and going on a journey with Lindner Group through its 50 years of company history. A special adventure was arranged for the children of the staff: on Children´s Day, they had the opportunity to visit the production facilities and their parents' workplaces, and to enjoy hours of fun, entertainment and treats with their parents.

The concluding highlight of this thrilling afternoon was the balloon air race, for which every child released a ballon with an attached answer card in the hope of a long flight in the wind. Then they needed to wait for someone to find their card and send it back, in the best case with a post stamp from very far away.

The competition back then was won by balloon 0192, which was found in Haseldorf, Austria, 253 kilometres away from Arnstorf. But shortly before Christmas this year, balloon 0240 brought us particular joy. One further postcard found its way back to Arnstorf. It was also sent from Austria, from the neighbouring Innviertel, by Johanna, who sent us the return card almost two years after its release. What the balloon had since experienced, whom it met and what it saw can only be imagined, but the joyful memory of this lovely day with our families has returned.

In this sense, Lindner Group wishes all families, colleagues, clients and partners Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Successful Year 2018!