Small craftsmen build future

06.12.2017 Lindner News Lindner Group

How can the shortage of skilled labour be countered? One way is to excite children about technology from early on and bring craftsmanship practically closer. After all, approximately 80 % of people who work in technical professions say that their career aspiration was already characterised in their childhood.

With this in mind, the first professionally-equipped workshop for children opened in Arnstorf in October 2016. It is carried by the association TfK (“Technik für Kinder e.V.”; technology for children) and the Hans Lindner Foundation. This place is meant for teaching trainee tinkerers various tools and treatment methods. Through the help of mentors, retired craftsmen and technicians, new constructions are built with wood, gypsum or other materials each week. Due to large demand, the number of weekly events has been increased to two. Each Wednesday and Thursday, 16 children from eight years of age meet for a Technikclub afternoon. Also, several school classes had visited the Technikhaus last year to put their knowledge into practice. The holiday program is equally popular among children and parents. The Technikhaus´s operating costs are carried by a local sponsoring society, of whom Lindner Group is a member. These sponsoring companies also provide tutors for the project "SET - Schüler entdecken Technik" (Pupils discover technology), which is cooperatively held in schools. For Lindner Group, the three employees Sebastian Liedl, Julian Wenzeis and Simon Huber went to Realschule Arnstorf (Secondary Modern School) to teach the 5th classes about technology and craftsmanship. Another mentor and counselor for many questions about the Technikhaus was Georg Holzleitner, Head of the technical Training Center at Lindner Group.

In total, 394 children and adolescents took part in projects of the Technikhaus Arnstorf in the first year. We look forward to a further continuance of this lovely project.

More information at TfK - Technik für Kinder e. V.