Swinging ceramic facade

21.06.2018ReferencesPress ReleasesFacadesLindner News

In March 2018, the new luxury hotel “The Fontenay” in Hamburg opened its doors. With its sweeping appearance, this spectacular building has been gaining a lot of admiration ever since. The sculptural design has not only been a special challenge for Lindner.

The 5-star superior hotel is located in the district of Rotherbaum, directly on the Alster. In addition to its extraordinary shape, the building shines by a snow-white ceramic facade with lots of glass. The architects from Störmer Murphy and Partners designed a special floor plan for this project and created an amorphous figure through flowing organic lines, which blends in perfectly with the surrounding parkland and remembers of waves - concave or convex shaped, depending on the perspective of this innovative object. This posed particular challenges to the involved companies in terms of implementation, as the plan had almost no right angles. Also furnishing elements such as partition walls or furniture had to be adjusted with curves, all made to measure as well as the design of the exterior facade, which is based on horizontal tapes of glass surfaces and gleaming white glazed ceramic tiles in large format. The Lindner Group was commissioned as general contractor for the facade. The construction of the curtained and ventilated facade does not require massive steel support. This is made possible by the structural dimensioning of the corridor walls and the radiating outgoing wall bulkheads. This inner structure provides the essential stability to realize dynamic curves and radii of up to 22,000 mm. For the ceramic facade, a total of 1,200 m² of white-glazed Longoton facade panels from Moeding were installed. The substructure with plate holders was pre-assembled ready to mount the tiles without tools. These circumferential, large-format ceramic plates were attached with Longoton Rapid System. The advantage here is the free assembly sequence, which saves a huge amount of time.

Each of the 130 rooms and suites has its own balcony, which is integrated into the facade’s design. On the top of the seven-storey building a 320° panorama bar with a spacious terrace, the spa area and a top-quality restaurant is located. The facade of the accessible courtyard and the covered atrium offers a view to the facilities situated on the ground floor. Meeting rooms, a restaurant, lounge and a garden area are arched along the ground plan and they are also available to non-hotel guests as well as the premises in the special areas on the top of the building.

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