Symbiosis of Tradition and Modernity at the „Alsterschwimmhalle“ in Hamburg

22.01.2024Lindner NewsGlass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete

From 2020 to 2023, the „Alsterschwimmhalle“ in Hamburg will be extensively renovated, redesigned and extended. The Lindner Group played a major role in this project, using an innovative construction method to create a special aluminium ceiling and cladding the balustrades with LinCrete glass fibre concrete.

Extensive Measures to Improve Energy Efficiency

The aquatics center in Hamburg's Hohenfelde district is one of the largest shell construction in Europe and a landmark of post-war modernism. After a three-year renovation phase, the swimming hall will reopen to the public at the end of 2023. In addition to the construction of two new swimming pools and an underground car park, energy efficiency measures were also implemented. The aim is to reduce the pool's heating requirements by around half, while increasing the water surface area by 25 per cent. This has been achieved through the use of the latest technology and systems, the use of district heating and the replacement of the glass façade with triple glazing.

Refurbishment with Heritage and Corrosion Protection

The architectural highlight of the „Alsterschwimmhalle“ is undoubtedly the concrete monocoque roof: The ceiling system, which is only 8 cm thick in places, is one of the largest monocoque roof constructions in Europe and its shape is reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House – hence the nickname "Hamburg's floating opera". A special honour for the Lindner Group, which was responsible for the design and installation of a special aluminium ceiling as part of the renovation of the listed building. The installation of the ceiling on the existing drill holes, taking into account the protection of the listed building and corrosion protection, proved to be a challenge. To ensure an exact fit, the roof shell and drill holes were digitally surveyed. Thanks to precise 3D design, the hyperbolic parabolic shape of the ceiling now blends seamlessly with the architecture.

Robust Parapet Bands Made from LinCrete Glass Fibre Concrete

In addition to the ceiling system, the Lindner Group's tasks also included the installation of monolithic C-shaped LinCrete glass fibre concrete elements for the stylish cladding of the balustrades. As fibre concrete is particularly strong and durable, LinCrete was ideally suited to the conditions in the aquatics center. The panels were dimensioned and installed in such a way as to not only accommodate the limited space available on site, but also to meet the visual requirements. To ensure a seamless integration with the existing structures, the colour and texture of the components had to be matched to the existing exposed concrete structures. In addition to the jointing, the surfaces were partially provided with ventilation nozzles.

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