The Future of Construction is Circular

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Lindner Group demonstrates the possibilities of circular construction at BAU 2023, Stand 530, Hall A2.

This year's leading themes at BAU confirm it: The construction industry is undergoing massive change and must transform itself into a circular economy in order to radically reduce the consumption of energy and resources in the construction and subsequent operation of buildings in the long term. The Lindner Group is focusing on the reuse and recycling of system products for ceilings, floors, walls and facades, as well as closed material cycles. At Stand 530, Hall A2, Lindner will be demonstrating various options for closed-loop construction, as well as suitable closed-loop business models such as take-back and rental offers. The Lindner stand will also showcase other product innovations that improve the health of the room in terms of comfort, acoustics and fire protection. As well as digital solutions to optimise production and project processes so that they are more efficient and therefore more sustainable and use less energy.

Lindner Product and Service Highlights at BAU 2023

Floors: LOOP Floor Systems

A prime example of circular economy in action at Lindner are the recycled raised floor panels LOOP, LOOP aurum and LOOP prime  made of fibre-reinforced calcium sulphate. By processing used panels in conjunction with a take-back option, more than 70 % CO2 can be saved compared to an equivalent new product. The quality in terms of statics, walking comfort, load-bearing capacity and flexibility of use remains the same. With LOOP aurum, Lindner achieves gas savings of 98 % and water savings of 92 %, which is one of the reasons why the product will be awarded Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold in 2022.

Ceiling: All good Things come in Threes

Lindner 2022 has also made a lasting impression in the area of ceilings. The flexible LMD-L LAOLA ceiling system was one of the finalists for the German Sustainability Award in the Design category. At BAU 2023, Lindner is now presenting the modular, 100 % recyclable MUTE+ ceiling and wall absorbers made from allergy-friendly materials tested for harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes and fabrics, MUTE+ sound absorbers are true design, acoustic and sustainability all-rounders. Another design highlight for ceilings is the new three-dimensional TRIdesign metal surface in pyramid form. The new chilled ceiling system with module sizes of approx. 3 x 1 m, which Lindner developed especially for the new Terminal 3, Concourse H/J at Frankfurt Airport, is rather discreet in design, but all the more powerful in effect. The cooling capacity is provided by Y louvres, while the perforated extruded profiles also ensure good acoustics.

Partition Wall: Lindner Life Fire all-glass Wall with Wood Profile

With the Life Fire partition wall, Lindner offers a column-free, continuous all-glass wall (single glazing) in fire protection class F 30/EI 30. Warm design accents with profiles made of local woods complete the elegant, simple appearance. The system can be flexibly adapted to the spatial conditions and allows for quick and easy assembly on site; complete dismantling and re-use is also possible.

Wall/Ceiling Cladding: FIREwood

The calcium sulphate panel FIREwood (in A2 and B1) is a proven solution for wall and ceiling cladding in escape routes and assembly areas with high fire protection requirements. The composite material with a real wood veneer surface combines the different requirements for appearance, fire protection and good acoustics in one product. FIREwood panels are available in a variety of wood species, shapes, lengths and thicknesses, as well as with micro-perforations for sound absorption. The individual panels can be designed and installed as flat panels or as ceiling slats.

Luminaires: From the classic Light Channel to the Modern Loop Pendant Luminaire and the individual SparkShape Luminaire.

Lindner Leuchtenfabrik and its partner company Ambright from Munich provide good lighting for the exhibition stand. The Loop circular luminaire has a filigree aluminium housing and a satinised acrylic glass cover. The indirect light component provides a pleasant ceiling illumination and a high level of lighting comfort. With additional light channels as a timeless lighting element, Lindner Leuchtenfabrik offers high-quality lighting technology that can be individually adapted to the customer's requirements, not only at the exhibition stand. As a literal highlight, SparkShape, produced using the highly innovative light printing process, perfectly sets the scene for the large wooden table, the central element of the Lindner stand. As an implied symbol of infinity, the SparkShape picks up on the exhibition's theme of 'Circular Building' and continues in the form of the wooden table. The installation is complemented by another product line from Ambright, the SparkShelfs. Thanks to their fine light edge and freely positionable LED spots, the customisable design shelves provide the perfect setting for the samples on display.

Circular Business Models

At Lindner, circular does not only apply to products. As a full-range supplier with a comprehensive product and service portfolio, Lindner now also offers circular business models, which will be presented for the first time at BAU 2023. With the "interior design as a service" approach, Lindner wants to take a further step towards closed material and product cycles. Lindner is currently developing two different concepts, each adapted to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, which have different (tax) laws. One option is the purchase of system products with a return agreement; the other is a classic rental model in which Lindner remains the owner of the products and offers the interior fittings for rent to the customer, e.g. building owners or landlords of office space. The main advantages for the customer are

  • better CO2 balance
  • no upfront financing
  • flexible rental models and terms
  • Lindner offers complete packages for tenants and office furnishings, including planning, products, maintenance, alterations, installation and dismantling.
  • Lindner takes care of dismantling and/or disposal

Digital Solutions for a Sustainable, Healthier and more Efficient Construction Industry

Lindner is also addressing another topic of the future with the in-house development of digital tools and intelligent tools that improve construction processes from planning to assembly. Lindner has developed new applications and software for this purpose, including a digital 'universal key' for construction sites, a platform for risk assessment and another platform for agile construction management. For Lindner, it is clear that in order to successfully and above all more quickly implement the transformation of the construction industry, innovative solutions are needed that best combine the two future themes of sustainability and digitalisation.

More on this at BAU 2023.