The growing importance of desk and other office supplies

18.07.2018Lindner NewsNew WorkPartitionsLuminairesRoom-in-Room

A pleasant environment with feel-good character, in which employees can work undisturbed and where they like to stay, is becoming increasingly relevant regarding to employee satisfaction and acquiring new colleagues. More and more companies are trying to follow up that, including the power provider Süwag in Frankfurt am Main.

The negative effects of constant noise exposure in open-plan offices became noticeable in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction and thus the need for a change was justified. Upon multiple request of the staff, the interior of the first three floors of this six-storey building got renovated. The challenge “Open Space” was taken: open-plan offices were cleverly divided in order to transform them into feel-good workplaces. Lindner exclusively used products of its own production: system walls, acoustic elements, cubes and luminaires. Working bunks each for four employees were created and separated from the others by partition walls. This could be managed without the use of doors because integrated white metal absorbers in the entrance areas improve the acoustic significantly. Room-in-room systems for meeting rooms and project areas were also installed. Thanks to the high-sound-insulating metal acoustic wall shells these Lindner Cubes ideally suit as a retreat for undisturbed work. During the construction period from November 2017 to June 2018, the building renovation jobs were divided into seven construction phases in order to maintain ongoing operations. The result is impressive and the employees are particularly pleased.

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