Thinking ahead through sustainability

30.01.2019Lindner GroupDatesLindner News

Lindner Group presented itself during BAU 2019 under the sign of sustainability, healthiness and adaptability, described as Lindner Add.Vantage. Questions about climate protection, recycling economy in the construction industry and healthier interiors were discussed and answered by all in a supporting programme and subject-specific consultations.

Therefore, some of our system products were awarded with different environmental certificates at once during the BAU. In this way, the metal ceiling system LMD received the first EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804, handed over by the managing director of the Institut Bauen und Umwelt (IBU - associaton to operate on international environmental product declaration), Dr. Alexander Röder, and his chairman, Hans Peters. The Floors Division was pleased as well about two recertifications at the same time. One of them received a further EDP for the hollow floor system FLOOR and more®, and the other a renewed distinction for raised floor system NORTEC as a Cradle to Cradle certifiedTM Standard in Silver.

Wednesday during the BAU became a “Health Day” on the Lindner stand. Sentinel Haus Institut together with the guiding Prüfungsinstitut SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH handed over a new certificate for healthier rooms, issued for the extension building in headquarters of the Lindner Group. Also the room air quality, measured with the aldehyde- and solvent(VOC)-values, in Lindner Cube duo, a self-sufficient Room-in-Room system, was placed once again on the test stand and therewith expanded by examination of thermal comfort. The outcome can be found again in “Gesundheitspass gesündere Räume” (health passport healthier rooms) of the Sentinel Haus Institut, certified by the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH. The measurements reveal that, for instance the values of individual substance (VOC) fell visibly short of strict provisional guidelines of the room air hygiene commission and that the formaldehyde value in the cube equalled only 1/5 of the predetermined guideline. Also the thermal comfort proved itself with a maximal value of 95% of satisfied users.

A result that pleased not only a board member Heinrich Büchner: “It is good to know, that all our efforts, to steadily improve our products, to make them sustainable and healthier, lead evidently to a positive result. A result that positively affects both, the environment and the people as users.” More on this matter was heard about by the Lindner guests also from the managing director of the Sentinel Haus Institut, Peter Bachmann, who in individual appointments passed on his specialised knowledge about healthier buildings and legally secure, healthy construction.

The Lindner Group has been a leading provider in the field of Green Building for decades. As a supplier of a complete value chain – from planning and development, through production to the key handover – we support our clients in all service phases. The basis for this are, among other things, to give self-declarations as well as extensive information about the environmental effects of the individual products.
The new generation of Lindner self-declarations was also presented during the BAU 2019. In addition to the new, universal layout, it was raised to a higher level through taking up the “Circular Economy” topic. “Circular Economy” describes the recyclability of materials and products to reduce the consumption of resources and production of waste.

Own declarations of the divisions Dry Lining and NORIT were punctually produced from scratch and added to the current ones, which include the following divisions: Floors, Ceilings, Partitions, Facades and Interior Fit-Out and Furnishings. These are now available in the Database Building Material Scout. The database, initiated, among others, by Drees & Sommer, makes it easier for the architects, planners and our clients to find, and compare with each other healthy and recyclable construction products. The Building Material Scout includes 50 Lindner products at the moment. Products, which were on display on the Lindner stand, included Lindner Cube, raised floor system NORTEC, NORIT-Dry Screed, Glass Partition System Lindner Life, COMP+ Lightweight Panels or Ceiling System LMD.